Change the way you play Minecraft

Play in a world of magic,death, necromancers and evil, This is your world to build upon.

Play in a RPG world, Play as a anime character and roleplay as one.

How to play:

Easy server connecting

It's as easy as clicking play. Just click one of the two buttons at the top, Either soulRPG or IkokoCraft. Then look for its IP and enter that into the Multiplayer ip section on the Minecraft Game


Each server has loads of fun, enjoyable plugins that help the gameplay for what ever the gamemode needs, AnimeRP- Npcs and custom textures or a Magic Necromacer filled world with spells and sacrifices.

The New Platform

Let's get social

The new Platform will keep you connected like never before. Up to date feeds of things you care about. Did your favorite modpack update? Look no further than your personalized feed.


The old Platforms sorting was flawed. If you didn't get in early, you would never make front page. That's over and done with. Popular packs soar to the top and dead packs drop to the bottom.

Better Solder Integration

Less 504s, more connections. The Solder integration has been cleaned up. Set up your own Solder install and serve your custom modpack on a per-version basis while saving yourself tons of bandwidth in the process.

Get Started

Download the Technic Launcher

Visit the download page by clicking the links below to get the launcher installed and begin your all new adventure.

Download the Launcher

Register on the Technic Platform

Join the Technic Platform to get started creating your very own modpack. Don't feel like you making modpacks? Maybe you just want to review or subscribe to updates for your favorite modpacks.

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Be a part of a better community

We offer several places to communicate with other players. Get help, advice, report problems and find a server to join. Join the forums and speak your mind or just communicate on the Platform. It's up to you!

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