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A Fantasy and Magical Roleplay server

What is SoulRPG

SoulRPG is a world were god has died and the devil seeks to take over the land in a thick defiled mist were the demons dwell, you are a survior in the human kingdom, you must scavange (or buy if you're a loser) unique weapons and magic's like claymores and necromancy You can fight through the thrall and demons to make it to ruins, dungeons, ruined dungeons! The player (you) will go around colleting souls (Soul shards, Souls, Hero's Souls, Demon Soul's) from animals, minions, looting, and demons... The dragons thatused to guard the heavens are few, living in mountains. The demons close in....the fog...thickens...the server...awaits

A Player-Friendly Environment

We maintain a "Players First" environment, focusing on offering the player all the elements needed to have fun, whilst sustaining a controlled environment so one character never ruins the fun of others.

The server is run by a friendly and active Staff team who constantly work to the best of their abilities in order to improve the player's experience.

We also offer a TeamSpeak server where you can get acquainted with the rest of the community. Hang out with the rest of the playerbase, be it on the server or in a whole other game. Want to join the fun? Join the community now by sending in an application on our forums.

Many Personalized Features

  • The world uses its very own currency called "Souls"!

  • There are tons of neat, user-friendly plugins for you to use!

  • Scheduled server-wide RP events to participate in!

  • Join a town or house and get a job!

  • Build your very own story from scratch and live it in character!

  • And many more features!

  • Sound like something you'd enjoy? Head over to our forums at the top of the page!

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